we are André and Jeanette..

..and together with our children Bas & Iris

we wish you a warm welcome at campsite Polderflora

In  february 2018 we got the chance to continue the Polderflora campsite, after the previous owners Marco and Liesbeth Vergeer decided to leave this little paradise. The last 10 years they have created a green and natural haven in the middle of the ‘crowded’ region in the West of Holland. A small oasis which offers enough space for humans, animals and plants.  A place where our guests can simply enjoy a beautiful sunset, see a couple of kestrels feed their hatchlings,  and hear and see the birds and beautiful flowers around the ponds on our site. With all comfortable aspects of citylife within easy reach.



In order to create a green spot for humans, animals and plants, three ponds were developed on our site in 2008. These ponds are surrounded by thousands of plants that all find their origine in our direct surroundings.  Nowadays, nine years after the ponds were created, we see how nature took over the area. Some plants have disappeared, others have come in their place. We also see that many many birds and water animals have found their habitat in our small natural strip. We feel happy and pride to notice that in this way we make an humble but precious attribution to a greener world. In and around the haystack building, we have put various nestboxes that are used by kestrels, starlings and pigeons. The ‘dike’ at the west-side of the ponds is closed for guests. This closure gives tranquility and safety for birds that are not used to have human beings close by. These birds are not easy to see but can clearly by heared. At the strip that is in between the 2 biggest ponds, we have created a place for bee-keeper Jan and his thousands of bees. He often takes guests with him to show and tell about the life of bees and their special role in the ecosystem. 

Ecological Footprint and our ideals..

We think we should all act and work to reduce our ecological footprint and atribute to  a cleaner earth. Therefore we use ecological cleaning products to clean our sanitary building. Disposals are sorted into various streams, such as paper, glass and gren disposal. We try to use as much energy-saving lights and devices.  



Helping hands from  Adfund

We find ourselves lucky and gratefull to have beautifull and healthy children. However, there are many people that are not so lucky and do not get the chances that sometimes seem so logical for us.  To help these people to find  usefull daytime activities, we got in contact with a company named Adfund.  A small and personal company that helps people with  mental disorders to get a daily rythm and provide activities to give them pride and satisfaction in the things they do.  They ‘work’ at our campsite 2-3 days a week and help us with all kinds of jobs. Cleaning the hay-stack building, growing vegetables and cutting the trees and hedges. It fills us with happiness to see how these helping hands flourish on our campsite and feel appreciated by us and our guests!