’the big boss speaks…’


My name is Sarah and since I am the big boss in the paddock, my owners asked me to introduce myself and my animal-friends.  I live a very happy life in our green place at Polderflora. Together with my friends, we live at the paddock near the haystack building, and guess what, we do not have to pay to stay here. During summertime, my friends and I enjoy the old bread, apple peels and all other treats that the temporary guests on the campsite bring us.  My all-time favourite meals are the ones that I can eat slurping, I love it.  Let me introduce you to my friends: 

Sheep Imke

Sheep Aqua

We often receive visitors in our paddock. The rooster and his chickens crawl underneath the fence into our paddock to see if they can find something to eat. They have their own house and can also wander about the whole campsite, but find it probably necessary to come by and annoy us. The chickens do not bother us that much, but that rooster… Sometimes we wish we could turn his volume down a little bit. Maybe he thinks that he is the boss on the campsite. Well, as long as he doesn’t come too close to my manger, I am okay with that.  

A couple of Egyptians geese make some trouble for us. Every early spring they choose the hay-stack building next to our place to build a nest and fly in and out that nest starting from óur paddock. And they are noisy.. unbelievable, but hey, I guess that’s nature. New neighbours since last season are a family of kestrels in their box. Sometimes they have some airfights with crows or herons but more often we enjoy the hatchlings being fed by their parents and trying to fly out.  During springtime, the barn swallows return from their long trip to Africa. Then we know that spring is coming and the nice meals from guest at the camp-site as well! .. The only birds that we are all afraid of, are the swans. Once their eggs have hatched and the young swans swim as a complete family, they find in our paddock a nice and safe place to sleep during the night. My friend Sheep Aqua has tried to chase them away one day, because they were a little bit noisy during the night, but that ended in a big fight. And the Swan-family can be very agressive and will not give up until they have won the fight. So from now on, we just let make some noise and try to shut our ears and dream on. 

Furthermore we see a lot of birds flying over, godwits, lapwings, oyster-catchers, sparrows, wrens, coots, ducks and grebes. So it is quite lively over here!

I hope I have told you enough about our lives at the paddock. We are quite happy at the Polderflora. Maybe we’ll meet each other at my wanger, hopefully you bring us some treats! We look forward to it.

yours sincerely,