what can we offer..

9 large comfort-pitches:

– in a moonshaped area with view on the haystack-building and animal paddock;
– large artificial grass under the awning so your shoes stay clean;
– 10A electricity-connection;
– fresh water tap and abduction of disposal water at your pitch;
– stable and good wifi connection (against fee).

in juli en augustus alleen beschikbaar voor volle weken.

20  large standard pitches:

– divided over three areas;
– large piece of artificial grass under your awning, so your shoes will stay clean;
-10A electricity – connection;
– 1 fresh watertap per area;
– stable and good wifi connection (against fee);
-beautiful views on surrounding paddocks and ponds.

in juli en augustus alleen beschikbaar voor volle weken.

5 hard standing motorhome pitches:

-3 pitches at the border of the parking lot for short stays;
– 2 pitches in the caravan-areas for longer stays;
-10A electicity-connection;
– grey waste point
-stable and good wifi connection (against fee).

mortorhomes exceeding 6.50 meter’s length and or twin-axes are not allowed on our campsite!/.



– small tents can find a nice spot  next to the haystack-building and animal paddock;
– bigger tents (> 1,50m height) have to book a normal pitch;
– electricity 10A is available;
-stable and good wifi connection (against fee);
-free use of fridge and picknicktables;
-free use of haystack-building to sit inside.


Wifi through glassfiber

Since 2015 we have been connected to the regional glass-fibre network so that we can offer you a fast and stable wifi-network. We have placed various antennas on our site so that good internet is available all over. If you have problems to receive or connect to the network, we are happy to assist you.  


In the sanitary-building you will find next to the usual ladies and gentlemen’s toilets, 1 urinal, 4 regular showers,  1 family-shower, individual washing rooms, and a big common room with 3 lavatories. On the outside of the building you will find washing places to do your dishes and a separate cabin to empty your chemical toilet.
Our showers are provided with a clever time-control so that you can shower 5 minutes without having to insert coins!

what else…
  • laundry machine  (against fee);
  • centrifuge;
  • indoor bicycle storage with electric point to charge the battery of your e-bike;
  • picknicktables;
  • fridge with freezing department;
  • indoor sittingroom with chairs, tables and touristic information;
  • funny animals around you, with or without wings;
  • if you are lucky: a beautiful sunset.